Tarpon Fishing Charters Florida Keys, FL

Tarpon Fishing Charters Florida Keys

When it comes to one of the most exhilarating experiences on the water, there is very little that beats Tarpon Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys – and more specifically, in the Florida Keys! These trips are a fantastic way to spend time with your friends and family and make memories that will last forever.

As one of the Best Tarpon Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys, Captain Mike can take you to some of the very best spots in the Florida Keys area that are known for holding Tarpon of all sizes. Captain Mike is also on hand to help you with the best tips and advice on your fishing technique to ensure that you are able to enjoy the very best charter experience possible.

What are Tarpon?

Tarpon are a thick-bodied fish, with bright silver colored scales, although the backs of these mighty fish can vary anywhere from dark green to grey. They are easily identified thanks to their large scoop-like mouth and elongated fins.

They are renowned for their thick and large scales, which can act as a giant coat of armor when they are out in the sea. These fish love warmer coastal waters, which means they are very common throughout Florida, and they can grow to huge sizes. Most adult tarpon will measure at least five feet and can weigh in at 200 pounds. The current world record is a whopping 286 pounds!

Tarpon Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys area typically begin early spring, although some years, it has been known to start as early as February. Spring and early summer months are the best time for Tarpon Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys with it being the ideal chance to catch those record-breaking Tarpon. Captain Mike offers Evening Sunset Tarpon Trips the months of March – June. These Evening Sunset Tarpon Trips are some of the absolute Best Tarpon Fishing Charters in the World and a personal favorite of Captain Mike.

Top Tips for Tarpon Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys
If you are heading out on one of our Tarpon Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys, our experienced Captain will be able to help you with advice and information to maximize your experience.

Here are some top tips to remember:

  1. Tarpon are usually a very large and powerful fish, so it can take some power to get them under control.
  2. Practice your technique throughout the day. Catching Tarpon takes time and skill, so do not worry if you fail the first time.
  3. Utilize the absolute best gear. These powerful fish can take some battling to get in, so it is particularly important you are using durable equipment. This is another great benefit of choosing an experience Captain!

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If you are looking for an adventure on the water, then Tarpon Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys is a perfect choice. Captain Mike knows the best Tarpon fishing spots in Florida Keys and the surrounding area to maximize your experience, in addition to advice and tips to help you reel in those big ones.

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